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These are the coolest guys on the planet!!!
You'd be crazy not to like them!!

Jean-Francois Stinco
Date of birth: august 22nd, 1978
Fav. color: Blue and black
Fav bands: Hendrix, U2, Def Leppard, Guns ans Roses, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimmy eat world, Good Charlotte
Fav. food: Italian
Fav. movie: Stand by me, Almost famous, Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, Dead Poet Society, Poltergiest 2, Freddy: Nightmare 3 the dream warriors
Fav. TV show: The X files, Friends
Fav. boyband: New Kids on the Block
Fav. book: "The old man and the sea", Hemmingway, "The book of Laughter and Forgetting", M. Kundera,
" The art of Tantric Sex".
Fav. magazine: Guitar Player magazine
Fav. actor / actress: Robin Williams / Jennifer Aniston
Guilty pleasure: I love to watch Dave pee in the shower
Boxers or briefs: Hum!?!
Fav. superhero: Wolverine

Charles-Andre Comeau
Date of birth: September 17th 1979
Fav. color: Baby blue and pink
Fav bands: Blink 182, The Beach Boys, Guns and Roses,Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Sugar Ray.
Fav. food: Sushi
Fav. movie: That thing you do, Almost Famous,
American Beauty, Back to the future I and II,
Menace II society, Chasing Amy
Fav. TV show: The Wonder Years, Seinfeld,
Making the band
Fav. boyband: LFO
Fav. video game: NHL 2001 PS2
Fav. book: Drumming for Dummies, The ICE opinion by ICE-T, Lord of the Rings, anything by M. Kundera
Fav. magazine: Rolling Stone
Fav. actor / actress: Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler,
John Favreau / Katie Holmes
Guilty pleasure: I love hip hop so much!!! Nelly, Jay-Z, you guys rap!!!!!!!!
Boxers or briefs: boxers
Fav. superhero: Batman


For the other band members, click on Simple Plan Part 2