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Here is some more stuff about Good Charlotte

  Billy Martin PERSONALS
NAME: Billy
D.O.B: June 15, 1981
HEIGHT: 5'11
POSITION: Lead guitar
FAVOURITE CLOYHING: Volcolm, Tribal gear, east coast clothing, puma, dickies
PETS: Dogs-sam, bunji, cash. Cats-Nelson,
Nelly, Stellar. 127 Hampsters.

FOOD: Pizza, sushi, bean burritos
COLOUR: black
TV SHOW: the simpsons
MOVIES: Star Wars (the phantom menace), Night mare before christmas, the crow.
FAMOUS GIRL: Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Mandy Moore.
RESTAURANT: taco bell
HOLIDAY: Christmas
THINGS HE LOVES: Drawing, cartoons, girls, going online, sleeping, tatoos, comic books, music in general.
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: korn, lit, silverchair, deftones, incubus, michael jackson, linkin park, orgy.
FAVOURITE PART OF BEING IN GC: Getting to meet new fans across the whole US, and everyday with his best friends.
HOBBIES: Collecting toys, hanging out with my friends, playing music and buying new clothes.

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  Good Charlotte Drummers
Stage Name: Sickie B
Color: Blue
Hair: Bleached Blonde
Eyes: Blue Height: 6'1"
Bench Press: 285 lbs.
Footwear: American Eagle Boots
Food: Pizza
Sport: Football
TV Show: Simpsons
Breakfast: Fruity Pebbles
School Subject: Lunch and P.E.
Book: Green Eggs and Ham
Car: Dodge Viper
Song: Little Deuce Coupe
Team: 49ers
Theme Park: Kings Dominian
Ice Cream: Chocolate
Flower: White Rose

No drummer pictures available sorry!
  Name: Dusty Brill (drums)
Age: 25
Bands: H20, Van Halen, Autopilot Off
Hometown: Flint, Michigan
Old Band: Jesus Eater, The Misery
Other facts:
- he got his first drum kit when he was 3 years old ("I got my first drum kit when I was 3," he says. "I don't know how musical it was, but I banged.")
- He can play bass as well (he was the bassist for Jesus Eater

GC's original drummer was Aaron Escolopio. Why did he leave? To join his brother in the band Wakefield.

Dusty Brill replaced Aaron as drummer. He is in the band "Jesuseater" from Washington DC. He was just a temporary drummer and stayed for about a year

Josh Freese Replaced Dusty as temporary drummer and drummed on the album "The Young and the Hopeless". From the band "The Vandals"


The new drummer of Good Charlotte is Chris and I don't know much about him, but from what I've seen and heard he's awesome!!!! IF YA'LL HAVE ANY EXPERIENCES, POST THEM IN THE GUEST BOOK!!!