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What did they say?
These bands say some pretty odd things, and here is where I will post some good ones.

  Good Charlotte
This man needs some help: "...I still don't have a girlfriend," Benji tells TEEN PEOPLE. Hmm... are T.a.t.u. available? "Don't let me near them. I'll make out with one and break them up," he says.

Paul is the bassist, but he's also not bad with the guitar. And he's one laid-back guy, according to Billy. "My favorite thing about Paul is the way things don't affect him. When things are upsetting other people, he just says, 'That's cool, whatever.'"

All eyes on Good Charlotte: "We're still just as good friends as we ever were," says Billy.

Joel and Benji Madden may be "stars" of the band -- but that's fine with Paul Thomas and Billy Martin. "Whenever me and Paul try to do interviews," says Billy, "We pretty much say something stupid."

Good Charlotte is not exactly looking to recruit groupies, according to Joel. "The kind of girl we end up hanging out with is the chick who's normal, who likes music. It's not the girl looking to hook up," he explains.

Billy has played the guitar ever since sixth grade. "One kid brought in a guitar and played a Nirvana song. I wished I could do that, so I asked for a guitar for Christmas and got a little one from JC Penney." Speaking of JC Penney, Billy's clothing line, Level 27, is not available there. It's gothic-inspired, and you can find it at Hot Topic or level27online.com. "It's kind of spooky stuff," Billy says.

Ever since I was young, I knew I was going to have full-sleeve tattoos," says Benji. "I'm always into shock."

(ok so those weren't really funny, I just liked them)

Mainstream Christine: Would you ever consider turning in your instruments to learn choreography and become a Boy Band?
Benji: Umm….After you shot me in the head.
Paul: No, she said would you ever consider actually becoming a boy band?
Joel: But we are a boy band.
Mainstream Catherine: No, like the Backstreet Boys.
Benji: Have we ever murdered a boy band? YES! There was a band called P-Town, and we shot them!
Mainstream Christine: Would you ever switch your instruments to become one of them like N* Sync, Would you ever want to be one of them?
Benji: NO!
Mainstream Catherine: For better ratings…….Justin theory…..
Benji: Would you want us to?
(ALL) No!
Benji: I would rather, take dry wall screws and nail them into my toes.

interviewer: If you couldn't be in a band what would you do?
Paul: I'd be a farmer.
Billy: I'd draw comic books.

Billy (ghetto voice): We're gonna take it to another level. You know what I'm sayin'?
Joel: You thought you knew me?
Billy: "You don't even kno'. You don't even kno'.

Interview: Do you play pranks on eachother?
Benji: One time we dropped a boulder on Billy's head
Paul: I dropped an anvil on Benji
Joel: I killed Paul's whole family
Benji: I put rat poison in Billy's food one time
Billy: I murdered Paul's entire family

Have you guys hung out with Britney or Christina or anyone?
Joel: Actually yeah! We actually, first, Billy here is friends with Christina.
[Billy nods]
Benji: Christina wanted us to get on her new record and even though we're friends, we figure that might hurt our image a little bit, ya know since we are really tough guys. You can tell, as you can tell, we are the manlyest men.
Joel: Paul right out, just down right hates em all!
Paul: I do, I hate em all.
Billy: I had Christina over for dinner one time and Paul came over to the house and the words he said were....
Joel: BAD!! WHOOOA!! [waves hands]
Billy: I had to appologize for hours
Joel: Sqaushed all that though
Billy: Things are good though, things are good.

Billy: Oh, this is gonna be good...
Joel: What if we told about each other?
Billy and Paul: Yeah! Yeah!
Joel: Ummm,who wants to do Billy?
Billy: Who wants to do me? I'd rather skip that one!
Joel: Ummm, I can tell you that Billy loves The Nightmere Before Christmas and he loves peanut butter, anything peanut butter.
Billy: Thats a true statement...
Joel: Was that interesting?
Juicey! Juicey!
Benji: Joel didn't kiss a girl till he was...... 16?
Joel: [nods] I didn't make out with one till I was 18....
Benji: Nah... it wasn't that long was it?
Joel: Yeah... 17, 18....
Benji: Ok, so....
Joel: Not that there's anything wrong with that kids. Don't feel the pressure to like.... it's cool or anything.....
Paul: I got you [points to Benji] Benji gets the most use out of the back lounge on the tour bus.
[Benji laughs and tries to make a 'Paul's a liar' face, but doesn't succeed]
Joel: [scrunches nose] OH hoooooooohh...
Benji: [shakes head] thats just not...
Billy: I got Paul. On that back use in the tour bus, it's actually them share it together.
Joel: Paul..
Billy: Paul and Benji together
Benji: That just sounds weird.... that just sounds weird....
Joel: I read Harry Potter...
Billy: The secret about Paul, listen, the thing about Paul is, you don't know is Paul is a natural born thug. He's just husslin' and strugglin', thats the life story of Paul.
Joel: Yea, yea.

Benji: So Billy, who's your favorite Armenian rock band?
Billy: Do I win something if I get it right?
Benji: Yup
Billy: I'd have to say...System of a Down
Benji: That's right and the prize is the last video of the night, Aerials
Paul: And I was gonna say New Found Glory...
Benji: New Found Glory isn't Armenian..

Benji: Look at this post I found. "Benji has good hair. Benji has cool pants. Benji is greatttt. Benji is..benjiful." Look, I have my own adjective!
Joel: Okay, and for the next video...
Benji: *still rambling* I'm going to relish in all my Benjiness...

Nithya: Ok, finish the sentence with the first thing that comes to mind...
Don¹t ever...

Billy: pee your pants
Everyone: haha
Billy: I don¹t know, but that was the first thing I thought of Nithya: and it¹s so true.
Benji: Don¹t ever...buy a Crazytown cd.
Billy: That¹s even better. For some reason I thought 'pee your pants' and it¹s like whoa what was I thinking.

I love...

Billy: That plant.
Everyone: haha
Billy: See, I was lookin at that plant over there so that¹s what I thought of.
Benji: My dog
Billy: You¹re not supposed to think so long, it¹s supposed to be the first thing that comes to mind.
Benji: Well I do love my dog.
Billy: All right, all right.
Benji: He¹s the band dog.

Simple Plan
"A girl just threw me a thong, and I'm oddly turned on, OH WELL." -Pierre

"Put your arms up, it smells funny!"-Pierre

Those were kind of stupid, but they are qoutes from a concert I went to.

"Dude, I'm gay" -Chuck looking through a magazine.

"Tomorrow I will pee in the shower!" -David

Bowling For Soup
none for now

none for now