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1) You meet Benji and, when he starts to cough, you hope he gets you sick.

2) After a long time of harassing the good people at Epic records, you finally land backstage passes and an interview.

3) You spend so much time thinking about them, you have weird dreams involving them and a playground incident that occurred when you were five.

4) You access your e-mail whenever possible-at home, friends’ houses, library, school-just so you can reread the email that Benji wrote you for the bajillionth time.

5) You ask Joel for a hug and he squeezes you abnormally hard. This only makes you happier.

6) You get pissed off at anyone that claims to love them more than you.

7) Your friends know you as the Good Charlotte Freak.

8) You ask to rub Paul and Benji’s hair. Then Paul says, “Okay, now there’s a difference between touching it and messing it up.”

9) A weird guy at some concert keeps giving strange looks, but you’re cool with it cuz he’s really hot and (gasp!) it’s Benji.

10) You get in a really bad mood when you haven’t listened to your CD for a few hours.

11) You searched all over the Internet for their last names and actually find them.

12) You were the first fans Benji ever met in Atlanta.

13) You listen to their CD every morning cuz it helps you make it thru the day.

14) At one of their shows, you kindly ask Paul to send Billy out so you can meet him, and he actually does. Then Billy leaves after meeting only you.

15) You spend an oddly long amount of time listening to the CD just to get all the “yeah”s and “here we go”s right.

16) Every time Mandy Moore is mentioned or comes on TV, you feel obligated to yell “Trick!” at the top of your lungs.

17) Your countdown to the concert is right up to the minute.

18) You call your local radio station and yell at the DJ’s cuz they stopped playing “Little Things” and now refuse to play “Motivation Proclamation”.

19) You have a newfound respect for hair gel.


44 Ways to tell if your obsessed with Good Charlotte!

1. You think about them 24/7

2. You talk about them 24/7

3. Your family knows the names and ages of all of them

4. Ever since you bought the GC cd, all of ur other cds have been collecting dust

5. You bought the same Minor Threat shirt that Benji has.

6. Yor room is covered in GC!

7. Your whole family knows the words to little things

8. Your made your dad buy himself a GC t-shirt.

9. You spent 5 bucks on a magazine that had a small picture of them in it

10. You died part of ur hair pink

11. You had the sudden urdge to put ketchup on everything.

12. You Cried at the end of their concert.

13. You cried when Aaron left.

14. You cried when you met GC

15. Your teachers know your favorite GC member

16. People know you at school as the GC girl

17. Your best friend Loves GC too!

18. You wake up at 5 in the morning just to see Motivation Proclamation for the 100000000000 time

19. You Swear that (ur favorite member) is your soul mate.

20. You got a jean jacket just like joels

21. You didnt shower untill a week after the Gc concert cuz Paul touched ur arm.

22. You throw Gc parties for u and ur friends just to talk about GC and listen to their music and look at pics ect..

23. You saw Dude wheres my car just cuz gc is on the soundtrack

24. You scream everytime you see someone with a GC shirt on, and wanna be their friend instantly

25. You have a Guitar just like billys

26. If you could live anywhere, it would be Waldorf World Wide!

27. You would do anything for GC

28. You've gone to at least 2 of their concerts

29. You talk about them as if you know 'em personally!

30. You have plans for you and ____(gc member's) wedding

31. You want twin boys, and you want to name them Benji and Joel.

32. You died your brothers hair Pink and black

33.You names your dog "cash"

34. You know that GC got their name from a chilrens book

35. And you own that book...

36. You D/Led Napster Just to hear Overcome or superman cant walk

37. You get mad when some one asks u how long this "GC stage" will last

38. Your not obsessed...Your in love!

39. You go back to the place where you first met Gc every month for your "anniversary"

40. You sit down and list 40 reasons why you are obsessed with GC

41. 41 reasons...

42. The 1st thing your best friend ever said to you was "have you heard of GC?"

43. You Know you are their #1 fan!

44. Your words of wisdom are "everythings gunna be alrite now!"